4 Key Ways to Engage Your Customer through Product Packaging

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What do you think is the #1 way to fully capture and engage your potential customer?

Superior product? Nope.

Money-back guarantee? Not really.

Clever marketing ploys? Possibly.

By far the greatest way to grab and hold your customer’s attention is through emotional connection to your product.

The Power of Emotions

It’s been found that the primary driver of most buying purchases is based on emotion.

Some experts report that 50% of the buying experience is based on emotional connection alone and this connection is more powerful than the actual merits of the product itself.

Why is this important?


People want to feel good. People want to feel good when they are buying your product.

If you can evoke strong, positive feelings that foster an emotional connection then you may have a customer for life.

Consider emotions like joy, gratitude, hope, love, serenity, and inspiration the emotional glue that binds consumers to your product. Once their hearts are captured, they tend to remain loyal to that brand.

The Importance of Packaging

The product packaging is often the first introduction of the product to the customer.

When competing products are stacked and lined up against each other on store shelves, a packaging design that can cultivate a positive emotional response is usually the product the consumer picks up.


Because this good feeling is subconsciously transferred to the product as well. If the packaging makes the consumer feel good then what’s inside will make her feel even better.

This emotional aesthetic appeal combined with positive messaging can trigger an emotional attachment that evokes happy memories and feelings within the consumer. This is exactly what you want to happen.

Four Ways to Create Emotional Connection

Targeting specific feelings through strategic packaging is key to creating a solid emotional connection with your customer base.


Don’t underestimate the power of color to evoke certain emotions within the consumer.

This can have the greatest impact on consumer perception of your product and brand. Specific colors can trigger different emotions.

For example, the color green conveys health and well-being. Red can be felt as love and creativity, and yellow exudes energy and vitality.

What emotions would you like to cultivate within a potential buyer? What colors align with your company brand and product messaging?

Choose your colors strategically.


The shape of your product also has a powerful influence on emotional attachment.

For example, companies that design the bottles of perfume and cologne bottles often base their packaging shape to imitate the human form.

Consider the shape of a cologne bottle for men that often tends to be more blocky and broad in shape. This is done intentionally to connect to the masculine nature within men and to appeal to their sense of strength, purpose, and vitality.

In contrast, women’s perfume bottles tend to emanate a sense of softness, sensitivity, and femininity. The noticeable curves and soft edges tend to cultivate an emotional connection with female consumers.

Sneak Peek

Consumers are a curious bunch. They want to see and feel what’s in the package. In essence, they want their senses tantalized and their curiosity aroused. Give them a look inside.

Offer this sneak peek through a packaging window. Although this marketing concept is not new, it is important to mention because it works.

It stimulates emotional triggers and builds trust and security in the product.

Don’t just show a photo of the product on the packaging. Reveal the product in all of its superb craftsmanship and allow the consumer to experience the product before they even purchase it.

Tell a Story

Humans are wired for storytelling. Myths and legends are ingrained in our subconscious minds. When someone begins to tell a story, we are immediately drawn in and captivated. Story captures our complete attention and connects us to the world around us.

You can capitalize on this by using story on your packaging. Use whatever space is available. Perhaps you only have room for a few words.

Then choose your words carefully and make sure that these words evoke feel-good emotions within the consumer. Consider a canned tomato product.

What do you think would enchant the consumer more? ‘Canned whole tomatoes’ or ‘the finest, vine-ripened tomatoes, hand-picked in the valleys of southern France’.

Obviously, the second choice immediately evokes images of farmers lovingly growing tomatoes in the lush valleys of France. You can see it, feel it, and taste it.

Who wouldn’t want to buy these tomatoes?

If you have more room on the packaging, sharing your brand’s story is a powerful way to connect with consumers.

People love a rags-to-riches story filled with passion, purpose, and emotion.

Capture them with your own unique story and watch them become loyal customers because of the emotional attachment they feel towards your brand.

Designing your product packaging with the intention of capturing the consumer’s attention and engaging their emotions can leave customers feeling curious, connected, and eager to interact with your product. Emotional connection is key.


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