Four Ways To Save Money On Industrial Packaging Costs

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Industrial Packaging

Industrial packaging can be a large expense for a business.

However, it serves an important function and so the packaging must be able to withstand the rigors of transport and distribution.

Not only does it protect the product that is inside, but it also facilitates easier handling, storage, and product identification.

Before you consider how to save money on packaging costs, you should keep in mind the essential features of proper packaging. Your priority is always to keep the product intact.

Does your packaging meet some or all of the following criteria?

  • Puncture resistant to prevent breakage
  • Strong and robust enough to withstand sustained loads
  • Cushioning to protect the product if it is accidently dropped
  • Sealed to prevent dampness
  • Insulated against varying climate conditions

So without compromising the quality of protection, here are five ways to help you lower costs associated with industrial packaging…

Evaluate a Product’s Needs

Determine if the way you are packaging your product currently is the best method.

Is each part of the packaging necessary for performance or is it just there for visual appeal?

Zero in on features that can be improved or removed entirely.

Perhaps you will discover that you can use a lighter weight cardboard to help lower the costs.

1. Choose the Right Size Box

How much space is around your product in the box? According to some experts, there doesn’t need to be more than two inches of space between the actual product and the outer box.

2. Use Less Filling Material

Only using filling that is absolutely necessary to protect your product will make a big difference in reducing your costs.

Each layer of filling material, such as bubble wrap, foam, or cardboard, adds to the expense.

If you require extra protection, consider using one bulky layer of filling in place of many lighter ones. The key is to use as little as layering as possible.

3. Buy in Bulk

Buying your packaging supplies in bulk is always a wise decision and will save you money over the long term.

Choose a packaging supplier that will offer you bulk discounts.

Building a strong relationship and loyalty to your supplier, especially the smaller suppliers, can go a long way in securing quality discounts for your company.

4. Regular Maintenance of Tools and Equipment

It is imperative that you carry out a regular maintenance program on all of your packaging equipment to ensure proper functioning.

Prevention Is Essential

Prevention is essential for keeping your machinery and tools from breaking down and eliminates the expense of purchasing new equipment.

With all of these factors in mind, your company will be able to significantly lower your packaging expenses while at the same time safely and securely delivering your products.


How Your Business Can Save Money on Packaging Costs

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