With innovative and technological advancements in every aspect of the industrial sector, the one thing that has stayed relatively unchanged is the humble hard hat. Although it is fairly effective in protecting the head from falling objects and debris, the hard hat does have one fatal flaw. It falls off. With nothing to secure the hard hat when a worker slips, trips, or falls, industrial workers are susceptible to serious head injuries when the hard hat falls off before impact. Over the past few years,…Continue Reading “Are Safety Helmets Replacing Hard Hats on the Job Site?”

What Is Augmented Reality? Let’s start with the basics here. What exactly is augmented reality? Some consider it the happy medium between virtual reality and the real world. Unlike virtual reality that fully immerses your senses into a computer-generated landscape, augmented reality (AR) remains firmly grounded in actual reality by overlaying computer images and other digital content onto a real world environment. Although the technology for AR originally has its roots in the gaming industry, the potential for various industrial applications has excited many leading…Continue Reading “How Augmented Reality is Revolutionizing the Industrial Manufacturing Landscape”

Over the past few years, mobile apps have slowly been integrated into the warehouse environment and are now an indispensable part of inventory management. Why? Because mobile apps make life easier. No longer does a warehouse manager or worker have to be tied to a desktop computer to manage the inventory. Having a mobile-friendly tracking tool in the palm of their hands is liberating staff to be more active and mobile in the field while still keeping a close eye on activities in the warehouse….Continue Reading “Why Using Mobile Apps for Tracking Inventory Makes Sense”

The challenge of recycling electronic waste, or e-waste, is becoming a growing problem among many developed nations around the globe. Out-of-date Technology As technology continues to expand at an unprecedented rate, the disposal of old and out-of-date technology is often ending up in landfills and causing soil and water contamination with highly toxic elements. Components within such appliances as TVs, desktop computers, laptops, scanners, DVD players, and mobile phones contain toxic substances that create significant hazards to the environment. Metals That Are Hazardous Lead, mercury,…Continue Reading “Does E-Waste Recycling Rest on the Shoulders of Manufacturing Companies?”

Whether you are a forestry worker, a telecommunication technician, a mining professional, or a rural delivery driver, at one time or another you will find yourself working alone on the job. What Do You Do In An Emergency? If there’s an injury in the field, a medical condition that requires immediate attention, or any type of emergency, these lone workers need some type of support and monitoring system to allow them to reach out when in need. With today’s mobile workforce, one high-tech solution can…Continue Reading “5 Smartphone Apps to Keep Lone and Remote Workers Safe”

Mining Industry Is Booming The growth of the coal seam gas (CSG) mining industry has been booming over the past 15 years. With a large majority being mined in the Bowen and Surat Basins in Queensland, and a smaller portion coming out of NSW, coal seam gas has become a principal source of gas in Queensland and comprises over 95% of total gas produced. Waste Management Problems Consequently, the rise of this new industry has created waste management problems as the current waste treatment processes…Continue Reading “Is Coal Steam Gas Water an Emerging Waste Problem for Queensland”

With the enormous surge in global e-commerce over the past few years, consumer expectations of fast and cheap delivery have significantly impacted the way supply chains operate. Quick, safe, and productive are the buzzwords that are driving the industry forward into new realms of possibility. Single-purpose robots have stepped in to meet these consumer expectations. Used in the warehouse to retrieve, pick, and pack products, recent advances in robotic technology are increasing efficiency and productivity by automating warehouse operations. In 2016, approximately 40,000 robotic units…Continue Reading “The Rise of Robots in the Warehouse”

Hot Spot For Investment Queensland’s resource sector is becoming a hot spot for foreign investments. With its rich and reliable supply of natural resources, sustainable and innovative mining practices, and an economy that promotes and supports international investment, Queensland is ripe for further opportunities. Queensland is loaded with diverse natural resources such as coal, minerals, petroleum, and coal seam gas. Just recently, two major project developments have been approved for the state of Queensland. Current Projects The Byerwen Coal Project in Queensland’s north-east will be…Continue Reading “INVESTING IN THE RESOURCE INDUSTRY IN QUEENSLAND”

Additive Manufacturing Have you heard of Additive Manufacturing? Maybe you use it in your business here in Australia? Even if you don’t, it’s clear that it’s changing the face of the manufacturing industry when it comes to product customization, therefore you should be aware of it. Let’s dive a little deeper into its definition, how it’s changing the industry, and it’s applications: “The potential of 3D technology offers limitless possibilities in the field of medicine and its real-world application of custom-fitting products to individual patients.”…Continue Reading “BRINGING PRODUCT CUSTOMIZATION TO LIFE THROUGH ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING”