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Hot Spot For Investment

Queensland’s resource sector is becoming a hot spot for foreign investments. With its rich and reliable supply of natural resources, sustainable and innovative mining practices, and an economy that promotes and supports international investment, Queensland is ripe for further opportunities.

Queensland is loaded with diverse natural resources such as coal, minerals, petroleum, and coal seam gas.

Just recently, two major project developments have been approved for the state of Queensland.

Current Projects

The Byerwen Coal Project in Queensland’s north-east will be commencing shortly to mine a hard coking coal used in the production of high-quality coke. This is a joint venture project between OCoal Pty Ltd and Japan’s JFE Steel Corporation.

In another joint venture project between Shell and PetroChina, Arrow Energy will begin a significant expansion for the Tipton gas field, which is located about 30 km west of Dalby. This is a major development considering that Arrow Energy now produces about 20 percent of all of Queensland’s gas and a project that will span over the next 25 years.

Why the Interest in Our Region?

Queensland is known for its abundant natural resources, world-class mining technology, and mining service expertise. The industry is thriving here in Queensland and is a global hub for international mining and exploration companies.

Consider some of the following resource statistics about Queensland…

  • A global leader in mine development and one of the most successful in the world
  • In 2013, its gross annual revenue for its METS (mining equipment, technology, and services) sector was estimated at $90 billion
  • World’s largest exporter of seaborne metallurgical coal
  • Has over 50 major coal mines and 100 metalliferous mines
  • One of the top world producers of lead, zinc, and silver
  • 41% of the world’s unconventional gas projects were under development in 2013.
  • By the end of 2020, Queensland will be the world’s largest exporter of liquefied natural gas
  • Benefits of Investing in Queensland’s Resource Industry
  • Resource Potential

    Queensland is loaded with diverse natural resources such as coal, minerals, petroleum, and coal seam gas. Many of these resource reserves have yet to be fully explored and developed. Because of this, some of these high-potential reserves hold significant opportunities for further exploration.

    Environmentally Sustainable Practices

    With good, solid environmental practices in place to mine sustainably, Queensland has a proven record of using innovative mining technology to preserve and safeguard the environment.

    Solid Transport Infrastructure

    With a modern system of rail, port, and pipeline infrastructure, Queensland has been supporting the mining and exploration industries for quite some time and has plans to further expand on this infrastructure to support the increasing demand.

    Investor Support

    For foreign investors looking to invest in Queensland’s natural resource sector, both the Australian and Queensland governments provide investment assistance to support the set up and establishment of new businesses eager to tap into this booming market.

    Strong, Stable Economy

    Queensland offers an environment of stability and economic growth to attract and retain international investments as well as boasts a pro-business government that supports businesses interested in the resource sector.

    Ideal Global Positioning

    Situated at the crossroads of the Asia-Pacific, Queensland is the gateway to global growth markets. This positioning makes Queensland an ideal investment destination for global investors.

    Investment Opportunities:

    Here is just a small sample of opportunities that exist with the gas and petroleum, coal, and minerals industry in Queensland…

    • Gas and Petroleum:

      • Coal Seam Gas (CSG) – To support the new natural gas projects that are being developed, it is estimated that 300 – 500 new wells need to be drilled each year over the next 20 years. Furthermore, ongoing maintenance and operational work exist to maintain the current infrastructure as well as the installation of gas and water-gathering lines for further field development.
      • Shale gas-oil/oil shale

        More supporting infrastructure is needed to propel further project development. These opportunities revolve around establishing power and gas utilities, transport pipelines, and housing infrastructure to support the staff. Setting up supply chain services is vital as well.

    • Coal

      There are engineering, procurement, and construction opportunities to further expand current projects in the area. Supporting existing infrastructure is also an ongoing need of the coal industry.

      • Minerals:

        New project developments in the rare earths and uranium sectors hold great promise for interested investors. Opportunities not only lie within the exploration and mining of these minerals but again in maintaining the infrastructure needed to support these mining practices. This infrastructure is paramount in enabling these projects to move forward.

    Queensland’s multi-billion dollar mining and resources sector is a major player and provider of natural resources to the world and continues to offer infinite opportunities for global investors eager to tap into Queensland’s potential.


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