There are many different and unique ways for manufacturing companies to engage current and potential customers. With the digital media landscape changing and manufacturing companies opening up their production to a more customer-centric focus over the last couple of years, it’s important for companies to re-think, and review on a regular basis the kind of marketing mix to consider for their company. Today I’m going to talk about 3 useful marketing trends that you may want to consider in a marketing strategy for your manufacturing…Continue Reading “3 Critical Marketing Trends For Manufacturing Companies in 2018”

Whether in manufacturing, mining, or construction, it’s important to ensure the exposure of airborne contaminants both for the overall health of your workers, and for the environment is considered at all times. We are going to talk about three ways that you can reduce exposure to Airborne Contaminants for the safety, and protection of your workers and to meet governmental standards for Airborne Contaminants in Queensland as set out by the environmental Protection Act 1994 and the Environmental Protection Regulations 2008. What Are Airborne contaminants?…Continue Reading “3 Ways To Reduce Exposure To Airborne Contaminants”

Knowing which industrial strapping to choose for your specific job can sometimes be an overwhelming and frustrating task. With so many options to choose from, you may get lost in the vast array of strapping possibilities. But doesn’t all strapping do an equal job of securing bundles of product together to prepare it for shipping and storage? In a simple word…no. Steel, polypropylene, polyester, zinc coated, or even poly cord all have different strengths and weaknesses that are best suited for different purposes. For example,…Continue Reading “Are You Choosing the Right Strapping for Your Application?”

With innovative and technological advancements in every aspect of the industrial sector, the one thing that has stayed relatively unchanged is the humble hard hat. Although it is fairly effective in protecting the head from falling objects and debris, the hard hat does have one fatal flaw. It falls off. With nothing to secure the hard hat when a worker slips, trips, or falls, industrial workers are susceptible to serious head injuries when the hard hat falls off before impact. Over the past few years,…Continue Reading “Are Safety Helmets Replacing Hard Hats on the Job Site?”

What Is Augmented Reality? Let’s start with the basics here. What exactly is augmented reality? Some consider it the happy medium between virtual reality and the real world. Unlike virtual reality that fully immerses your senses into a computer-generated landscape, augmented reality (AR) remains firmly grounded in actual reality by overlaying computer images and other digital content onto a real world environment. Although the technology for AR originally has its roots in the gaming industry, the potential for various industrial applications has excited many leading…Continue Reading “How Augmented Reality is Revolutionizing the Industrial Manufacturing Landscape”

Over the past few years, mobile apps have slowly been integrated into the warehouse environment and are now an indispensable part of inventory management. Why? Because mobile apps make life easier. No longer does a warehouse manager or worker have to be tied to a desktop computer to manage the inventory. Having a mobile-friendly tracking tool in the palm of their hands is liberating staff to be more active and mobile in the field while still keeping a close eye on activities in the warehouse….Continue Reading “Why Using Mobile Apps for Tracking Inventory Makes Sense”

Did you know that hearing loss caused by industrial noise in the workplace is permanent and irreversible? Did you also know that it is also 100% preventable? A Million Workers In Australia It has been estimated that over a million workers in Australia are exposed to some form of noise pollution in their work environment. Often, this noise exposure is at dangerously high levels from machinery, equipment and tools, traffic, and other workplace activities, and can put workers at risk for significant hearing damage. As…Continue Reading “The 3 C’s of Choosing the Right PPE Hearing Protection”

Industrial workers who need to work in confined spaces as part of their job duties face significant risks and dangers. What makes these confined spaces so dangerous is not just the small space itself but the actual hazards associated with working in this specific situation. These areas were not designed for human presence. Vats, tanks, pipes, silos, shafts, containers, wells, trenches, tunnels, pits, chimney, underground sewers, or any other enclosed or semi-enclosed structures are considered hazardous confined spaces. Some hazards associated with confined spaces… Unsafe…Continue Reading “Safe Practices for Working in Confined Spaces”

What do you think is the #1 way to fully capture and engage your potential customer? Superior product? Nope. Money-back guarantee? Not really. Clever marketing ploys? Possibly. By far the greatest way to grab and hold your customer’s attention is through emotional connection to your product. The Power of Emotions It’s been found that the primary driver of most buying purchases is based on emotion. Some experts report that 50% of the buying experience is based on emotional connection alone and this connection is more…Continue Reading “4 Key Ways to Engage Your Customer through Product Packaging”

If you have pallets of inventory spilling out into your aisles because of lack of warehouse space, or new stock arriving daily at your delivery dock with no place to put it, your initial solutions may be to outsource space or secure a larger warehouse. But hold on a minute. Have you thought this through completely? Researching new properties, renting bigger warehouse spaces, and moving your entire inventory to a new location while continuing to maintain current productivity is going to cost you a whole…Continue Reading “Feeling the Squeeze – Five Ways to Optimize Your Warehouse Space”